Why Springfield, Illinois?

I was born here. I moved frequently around town between semi-wealthy neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods. I saw how people judged each other. They judged other people based only on what they could see: skin color, clothes and toys. The neat thing is they only looked as far as they could find the next person who was slightly lower on their quality scale. Lower wage, lower brand of merchandise, etc. But once someone who was judged to be lower got a raise in pay to equal the other employees, it was a travesty!

The odd thing was that people here don't pick the really important criteria for judgement, like empathy, compassion, fairness, generosity, long-term thinking, the courage to question one's own beliefs and admit failure. and especially the ability to use logic.

No. our culture has nurtured sociopathy and psychopathy. We are taught that these people are strong. No. we are really taught to fear theses kinds of people and to let them have their way.

This must be aborted.

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