Friday, March 17, 2017

The Politics of Concrete Operational Thinkers

Illinois Representative John Shimkus (R) may not have received "The Talk." You know, "The Birds and the Bees" lecture.

I'm waiting for legislation that will tax Storks.

What happens if we don't? Were you ever taught what happened in the past when we didn't pay for such things? 

Somewhere there must be a record of what inspired health, safety and environmental regulations, because in the U.S. legislation is reactive, not proactive. To see what conditions were like before Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, you only need to see the photos dating from the Great Depression all the way back through Jacob Riis to the Gilded Age.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Choosing Coffee Makers Without Heating Coils

Bunn 23400 and Black & Decker CM618
If it's a quick startup coffee shop you want or you only need one cup a day, The best is anything with a stainless steel insulated decanter or airpot.

They don't require burners and the pots can keep liquids hot for several hours.

Where I worked we had one of those standard pots that everyone kept forgetting to turn off at closing time, so on many mornings there was a burning mess in the pot.

Besides the energy efficiency and safety of not having a heating coil under the pot, has a good argument for switching to an Airpot coffee maker.

After that I also switched from regular coffee mugs to plastic air-insulated cups.