Saturday, December 15, 2012

Desperate Situation

I injured my knee recently so getting around is next to impossible. Worst of all, I'm down to one more pot of coffee before I am out, and there is a Pacific storm on its way here. I can have food delivered, but coffee? A little searching and Voila! Coffee Clubs!

The Bean City Coffee Company is just five miles away from my location, unfortunately they only deliver in a two mile radius. I did a Google Map search for "Coffee Delivery"

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Figuring I would probably run out sooner, I finally limped down the steps of my apartment building, limped to my car, drove to the Safeway grocery store on 15th Ave NE in Shoreline, WA (why the full address? Wait for it.), I then limp-shopped using a grocery cart as a walker, ground some coffee, limped through the checkout, limped to my car, drive home, limped up the stairs to my apartment, limped in the door, unpacked my groceries, no coffee. The clerk picked up from the first conveyor belt, scanned it, but instead of putting it on the second conveyor, set the coffee aside. The bagger didn't notice it. I didn't either until I got home. So I had to repeat my limps all the way back to the store.